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  • How do I sign up for a writing workshop?
    Send me an email with your daughter's name and age, and I'll let you know if I have a spot available.
  • My son would love to take a creative writing workshop. Do you have a space for him?
    No. Though I've allowed one boy to slip into my workshop for 10th-12th graders, I otherwise don't offer workshops for boys at this time. If you'd like to email me your son's name and grade, I'll be happy to hold the information for possible future workshops.
  • My child identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns. Is that going to be a problem?
    Not at all.
  • My child identifies now as a girl. Can she join the workshop?
  • What If I have to cancel? Can I get a refund?
    Full refunds will be permitted if cancellation is submitted one week in advance. I do not prorate workshop fees.
  • My daughter seems reluctant to sign up for a workshop. Can she come for just one night to try it out?
    Yes. I can offer your daughter the opportunity to sit in on a class for a one-time fee of $75. I only offer one night to one girl per session.
  • My daughter isn't really into writing, but I'd still like to register her for your workshop. Do you think she'll be all right?"
    Absolutely! More than one girl in my workshops over the past five years has shown up for that first class only because a parent signed her up. Almost all of the girls who sign up for YWA workshops want to return. If your daughter doesn't think of herself as a writer yet, that might soon change! Sometimes when a student suddenly has a bit more freedom to write what she wants to write, and she receives a little bit of encouragement, her entire relationship with writing changes.
  • Will you offer feedback about my daughter's writing?
    Yes! If your daughter shares with the group, she'll receive feedback from me as well as the other students. We try to keep comments positive, focusing on what's working (great dialogue, a beautiful phrase, a plot twist we love). We rarely offer criticism unless your daughter asks for more specific feedback.
  • I'd like to read what my daughter's writing in your workshop. Will I receive a copy?
    In the workshops for my youngest students, perhaps 3rd-5th graders, the girls still write collaborative stories. If all the students agree that they'd like me to send a copy to their parents, I'll send an email with a Word doc after the workshop. If even one student declines to share, I'll withhold the document. Students in 6th grade and up decide for themselves what, if anything, they want to share with their parents.
  • Do you have guidelines as to what students are allowed to write about in your workshops?
    No. Students are given the freedom to write about whatever they want. They can explore different genres, write from different perspectives, focus on character development, or write a memoir. They get to choose.
  • What exactly do the students talk about during these workshops?
    Anything and everything! Younger students might want to tell the group about their pets and their family vacations, but they're also eager to discuss the social hierarchy at their respective schools. Older students might talk about problems they're having with friends or share texts they've exchanged with their crushes. I've heard students vent about their classes, their siblings, and their grades. I've also listened to students talk about body image, sexual orientation, and gender fluidity.
  • What if my daughter tells you something concerning?
    I'll let her know at the end of that night's workshop that I think we should talk to you, then send you an email or connect with you over the phone.
  • What constitutes something concerning?
    If your daughter tells me she's hurting herself or that someone has hurt her, I'll reach out. I've talked to parents when a student has alluded to potential eating disorders, cutting, and suicidal ideation.
  • Are the students allowed to be on their devices during the workshops?
    Yes. Students are always writing, drawing their characters, looking up synonyms, or researching.
  • How can I sign up for a tutoring session?
    Send me an email with your son's or daughter's name and age, and tell me why you're reaching out. I'll respond with available times.
  • What if I have to cancel my child's tutoring session?
    I kindly request a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel. Repeated cancellations will require future sessions to be paid upfront.
  • Is it all right for me to stay while you tutor my son or daughter?
    No. Parents are not permitted to stay while I work with a student. As you probably know, your child--regardless of age--behaves differently when you're within earshot. I ask that you make other arrangements while I'm working with your child.
  • Are you able to tutor my child remotely?
    No. I only offer in-person tutoring sessions, and I won't edit work outside of a session.
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